Sermon Videos

We have started doing free videos! We have no prior experience and are working with the most economical equipment we can at the moment. This has been a learning experience and you will find the first few weeks of video to be a bit rough, (a couple of them very rough) but praise be to God we are improving!

Please browse through to see where the Holy Spirit will lead you!


Who Will Set Me Free?

Pastor JoAnn reads through Romans 7–8 to encourage all that there is no condemnation for those who love the Lord.

“He will cut you free from this body of death. Pretty graphic, right? But that next verse—thanks be to God; Jesus has done that. He’s cut us free from that death thing. He’s cut us free from that. We’ve been translated from darkness into the kingdom of light. He has cut us free!

“Now, the enemy wants to continually remind you of that dead guy that used to be you. He wants you thinking about that, instead of what Christ has done for you (He has set you free from all that). That’s what leads up to these famous scriptures in Chapter 8: There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.


Love in the Life of a Christian

Guest speaker Peggy Sue Nix discusses the role love plays in the life of a Christian. Does your relationship with Jesus feel weak? Have you let fear quell your love for the Lord? Peggy challenges us all to a closer relationship with the Lord.


Resurrection Sunday

Pastor JoAnn shares evidence in the Bible of the incredible importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ: how the event affects the world; its necessity in Christianity; and why there is no debate on its significance.


Focusing on God’s Word: The Blood

Pastor JoAnn doesn’t hope to share her opinion on the Bible, but rather she wants to use her gifts to share the truth of the Scriptures to the world.

“The Word of God brings hope. The Word of God brings the faith, the Word of God brings the life, the Word of God brings the truth. Oh, we need the word of God.”

Starting in Ephesians 2, JoAnn shares the truth of the power of the blood of Jesus.


Palm Sunday and the Passover

Pastor JoAnn explains the history of the practice of the Passover supper and the prophecy of the Messiah found within it.