Sermon Videos

We have started doing free videos! We have no prior experience and are working with the most economical equipment we can at the moment. This has been a learning experience and you will find the first few weeks of video to be a bit rough, (a couple of them very rough) but praise be to God we are improving!

Please browse through to see where the Holy Spirit will lead you!


Hunters and Fishers

Pastor JoAnn provides insight into the differences between the hunters and fishers described in Jeremiah 16:14–17.

“I believe that we are in a bridge of time; that God is using the fishers to get His people ready for the second big gathering of people in Israel, which is the Millennial Reign. He’s using the fishers. You’ve been hearing, from at least this pulpit, [and] many pulpits around the world, a call to get ready to be prepared; because Jesus is coming. A call—fishers, if you will, telling you the promises of God: it’s time to prepare; it’s time to get ready. There will be a remnant that will come because of the fishers and the messages they preach; but I propose to you that the hunters will come, and if you won’t get your life in a state that God wants it in willingly, you’ll do so under great pressure and with much loss. You see, this is a serious message; the hunters are coming.”


Gifts of the Spirit

Pastor JoAnn discusses the merits of nine of the approximately 25 gifts of the Spirit referenced in 1 Corinthians 12.

Regarding 1 Corinthians 12:7 (NIV): Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. “I’m again pointing out, ‘each one’—‘each one’—that doesn’t leave anybody out. [That] doesn’t leave anybody out at all. So you can’t disqualify yourself.

This discussion continues the study on the gifts of the Spirit, beginning with verse 10.


Yielding Ourselves to God

A continuation of the “Preparation for Harvest” series, resuming the discussion from the previous week’s message, “The Power and Importance of the Holy Spirit.”


The Prodigal Son

Peggy Sue Nix shares her perspective on Luke 15’s “The Prodigal Son” parable.


Cold Cup of Water

Mike Weygandt reads through Matthew 10 to explain the importance of being a witness to one’s neighbor of God’s glory.

“Let this ‘cold cup of water’ resonate in your heart and in your mind, and when you see people, see them as thirsty. Just simply offer them a cold cup of water.”