A Few Words From a Friend in South Carolina

I didn’t understand or like reading my bible for years as a Christian. One day my life was a mess and I went through my check list I call it a check up from the neck up. I said God where am I missing it with you? I don’t feel like I am walking with you these days. The first thing that came as a conviction was that I didn’t like to read my bible and would fall asleep when I tried to. I told God I was sorry and asked him to help me. The next morning I went to my computer and opened my PC Study Bible and started to read at the book Mathew. As I read the part where Mary coming to the grave and realize Jesus was standing before her, and she was the first to see him I cried my eyes out!

She was the first, a woman with battle scares from life much like mine but not exact. Not perfect but loved Jesus and wanted to serve Him in life and death…and to her surprise life again!!! What a joy she must have felt!! I cried sitting there alone realizing that the Bible is a spiritual book. It's no wonder people like myself look at it as difficult to understand.

I began to enjoy reading the Bible after that. I began to read it looking for Jesus in each book. As I saw the places where he was prophesied to come and what he would do it was like a wonderful treasure hunt and Jesus was my prize.

I began to understand a little more why he had all the names that he was referred to. The Lamb of God, the savior, the promise seed. I knew the names but didn't know the reasons that Jesus was called that.

Things and more became clear to me, for example, what is the big deal about the apple? Why was God upset with Adam and Eve about an apple? I saw that the things people did wrong were different, how could anyone keep a list of what not to do? Then I saw it, a common thread, it was all about obedience, obeying God it the key to life, whether it is a apple or washing in the Jordan river, or hitting a rock, do what God tells you to do.

So seek God and ask Him what to do, ask him about everything…

Let me know how it goes…


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God’s Gathering Place is an essential ministry built and established by God, for God, in service to our Master Jesus Christ for such a time as this. The ministry is mobile — not settled in any one place but moving wherever there are the desperate, sick, depressed, mentally imprisoned, addicted, unwanted, wounded, ashamed, trapped by sin or trapped in sin. The Word bursts forth from the evangelists — not through tradition, religion or because some man said so, but through eyes and ears who have heard Gods revelation for the people of this time. Prophetic Word takes us from Genesis through Revelation revealing God’s nature and character — bringing us to “Church Unconventional” without barriers, with walks revitalized and restored opening the Book in a revolutionary way.

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